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Self Care: Are You Prioritising Self-Care?

Updated: Apr 27

self care

Ever since we were little kids, we were told to be kind, helpful, and compassionate towards others. We were taught to extend our hand to those in need and be there for our friends and family during tough times.

We learned to be selfless, but somewhere along the way, we became self-less.

It is only recently that self-care has garnered attention in popular media. When we hear the term self-care, pictures of bubble baths and scented candles immediately pop up in our minds.

But self-care isn't really about doing grand gestures for yourself or treating yourself luxuriously, although that can certainly be a part of it. Self-care is more about checking in with yourself and asking, “am I doing okay?” It's about getting your needs met—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Self-care isn't selfish, it's the sine qua non of our wellbeing.

self care

Our busy work lives and packed schedules rarely leave time for us to care for ourselves. That makes self-care more important than ever because, without it, we risk burnout and mental health issues.

Self-care isn't just about ourselves, it's about our relationships with others too.

How can you be there for your loved ones if you're breaking down?

How can you pour from an empty cup?

The truth is that self-care helps you improve every area of your life and become a better version of yourself while also strengthening your relationship with others.

It increases your self-confidence and enables you to face challenges head-on.

Knowing all the myriads of benefits that self-care provides, the question arises: how do we make it a priority when we have so much on our plates?

Here are 3 simple tips that will help you integrate self-care into your daily life:

1. Develop a morning routine

The morning is the most important part of your day. If you take control of your morning, you take

good morning self care

control of your day. Spend some time creating a morning routine that is tailored to you. All of us already have a morning routine, it goes something like this: wake up, brush teeth, have breakfast, and so on. The key to a good morning routine is to include some habits that will set a positive tone for the rest of your day. These can be meditation, stretching, running, writing, etc. Experiment and see what works best for you. The goal is to create a routine, something that you can stick to long-term.

2. Stop neglecting your sleep

A survey showed that about 1 in 5 people in the UK have trouble falling asleep every single night. That is very concerning. Sleep is crucial in maintaining our physical and mental health, which is why it shouldn’t be neglected.

good sleep self care

Make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep each night, for most people, it’s somewhere between 7 and 9 hours. Avoid using any digital devices at least 1 hour before you hit the bed since the blue light from these electronics can mess with your circadian rhythm. Also, try to go to sleep at the same time every night. Over time, your body will become conditioned to feel sleepy at a fixed time, making it easier to fall asleep when you go to bed.

3. Have some me-time

When was the last time you spent time with yourself? My guess is, it was a long time ago.

Self-care is incomplete without spending some time with yourself alone.

self care me time

Every day set aside some time where you can do your own thing without any interruptions. This is your me-time. You can spend it working on your hobbies, reflecting on your day, visiting a new place, doing anything that helps you relax and recharge.

It can be tempting to tick another task off your to-do list, so ensure that you’ve scheduled your me-time. Your future self will thank you for it.

Learning to prioritise self-care is a slow and gradual process, but if you make time for it consistently, you will reap the rewards for a long time.

self care

Sometimes it can be a struggle to take care of yourself. If you notice a persistent low mood or a sudden lack of interest in various activities, there may be a psychological issue at play. Click here to book a 20-minute FREE consultation to find out if therapy can be of help to you.

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Really wonderful reminder- self care shouldn’t be something you do when in absolute need. 👌

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